"The Light In The Dark" Album Reviews

"You don’t hear many bands like Masqued in today’s era – powerful and progressive enough, while keeping the symphonic nuances in the background. The Light in the Dark could be a hidden gem for those who love US metal with bite and solid songwriting." - 9/10, Dead Rhetoric

"Masqued The Light In The Dark and the World Series victory of the Houston Astro’s in that order are highlights in what appeared to be a dark bleak 2017. I knew I had moved from Los Angeles to Houston for a reason. This album is among those reasons and blessings. Masqued The Light In The Dark is now on my very short list of Album Of The Year 2017 contenders..." - 5/5, Power of Prog

"A great debut and a record that deserves to be on the shelf / playlist of everyone who likes Power Metal, Progressive Metal or bands with female vocals in general. If this is your case, play now!" - 9/10, Metal La Nata (translated)

"For one who is not very accustomed to more progressive metal, discovering MASQUED has meant a whole revelation. They fuse the best of the style, with distinctly heavy, symphonic, and even thrash tints. Give a listen to this "The Light In The Dark" because surely many more will come later." - 8/10, Necromancer (translated)

"I have heard a number of top-quality debut albums in the last few months. "The Light in the dark" definitely belongs to it. Masqued have found their own niche in heavy metal, which they consistently fill out." - 8/10, Keep On Rocking' (translated)



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